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KY: Maddox’s Sex Offender Bill Clears House Committee

A bill that would add publicly-leased playgrounds to the list of locations off limits to registered sex offenders has passed a House committee.

House Bill 204 sponsor Rep. Savannah Maddox (R-Dry Ridge) said the legislation is specifically written to ban future registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of such playgrounds and from entering those playgrounds without advance written permission.

The prohibitions would not apply retroactively, but would instead apply only to sex offender registrants added to the state’s sex offender registry after HB 204 takes effect, should it become law.

“So we’re not going to be in a scenario here where we’re forcing folks to leave, or to move, or anything of that nature. We just want to make sure that we provide these protections moving forward,” Maddox told the House Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee before it voted Wednesday to approve the bill. “It’s basically just ‘or leased’ is the only change to this statute.” read more

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