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NE: Man arrested one day after anonymous email surfaced about killing of sex offender

OMAHA, Neb. —

Less than a day after news media received an email about the killing of a convicted sex offender, Omaha police said Tuesday James Fairbanks, 43, was arrested for criminal homicide.

No details were immediately available about the arrest of Fairbanks.

The victim, Mattieo Condoluci, was found dead near 43rd and Pinkney late Saturday night after a report of a shooting.

Police Tuesday made no connection between Fairbanks and an anonymous email sent to news media Monday afternoon from someone professing to be Condoluci’s killer.

The email from sender “Stop Predators,” said “I killed Matteio Condoluci Thursday May 14th.”

The anonymous sender said he or she had been looking for an apartment in the area when he discovered Condoluci on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry. The sender described Condoluci as standing in his driveway pretending to wash his truck while staring at a group of children playing in the street. read more

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