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The States of Pennsylvania and Oregon have temporarily suspended in-person registration for all registrants in those state.  Instead of in-person registration, Pennsylvania is allowing registrants to register by mail, if needed, and Oregon is allowing registrants to register by telephone.

“Pennsylvania and Oregon are protecting the public, including registrants and their families, from further infection of COVID-19 by suspending in-person registration,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “These states are setting an example that should be followed by all 50 states in the nation.”

In Pennsylvania, registrants are required to register by mail only if they need to change or update previously reported information, such as home address, employment or school address.  For those registrants, the state has provided a form which is be mailed to the Pennsylvania State Police, Megan’s Law Section 1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110.  A link to that form is immediately below this article.

Pennsylvania State Police Sexual Offender Update Form – March 2020 [PDF download]

In Oregon, registrants are expected to call their local law enforcement agency to see if that agency will register them by phone.  If unable to register with local law enforcement, registrants have been provided a list of phone numbers to call based upon their geographic location.  And registrants living in the Portland area have been provided the name and phone number of their registration officer who is available four days a week for eight hours a day.  This compares to San Diego County which has limited registration to four hours each on two days of the week.

Below is a list of phone numbers for Oregon registrants to call:

AREA                   PHONE

McMinnville        503-472-0294

Astoria                  503-861-0781

Newport                541-265-5354

Tillamook             503-842-2899

Albany                  541-967-2026

Salem                   503-934-0319

Baker City             541-523-5867

Bend                     541-388-6213

LaGrande             541-963-7175

Ontario                 541-889-6469

Pendleton             541-278-4090

The Dalles            541-296-9646

Central Point        541-776-6114

Central Point        541-776-6236

Grants Pass         541-955-6370

Coos Bay              541-888-2677

Gold Beach           541-247-6641

Roseburg              541-440-3334

Klamath Falls       541-883-5713

Springfield            541-726-2536

If you live in the Portland area, the Portland Police Bureau will process sex offender registration by phone.

Please call Officer Lara Maul at 503-545-3559 Monday-Thursday from 7am – 5pm.

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