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UT:Stepmom one step closer to jail for being topless in front of her step kids

Judge Kara Petit denied Tilli Buchana’s motion that Utah state law is unconstitutional because it targets women by making it illegal for them to show their breasts on Tuesday. Buchanan, 27, was charged with three counts of lewdness involving children after her stepchildren saw her topless. The incident happened when she and her husband stripped down to their underwear while installing drywall in their garage. When Buchanan’s stepchildren saw her and asked why she was topless, she reportedly said if their father could show his chest, then so could she.

However, Judge Petit did not agree with Buchanan’s reasoning this week and ruled that prosecutors’ argument that only exposed female breast, not male, can be considered lewd under state law, which ‘reflects contemporary community standards as to what constitutes nudity.’ read more

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